EZflow Drainage

EZflow Drainage Systems by Infiltrator are geosynthetic aggregate pipe systems for use in drainage applications. This gravelless drainage system utilizes the time-proven principle used in gravel systems while eliminating the problems inherent with gravel.

Our products provide maximum system life and performance, lower system costs, and an environmentally friendly alternative.

    • Convenient 10’ long sections are easy to connect using internal couplers. EZflow products are easily transported and installed by a single worker dramatically reducing labor costs
    • Superior flow rate when compared to gravel due to lack of fines. EZflow drainage systems have high storage capacity created by the engineered flow channels in the aggregate
    • EZflow’s aggregate pipe combination and aggregate-only bundles can easily bend around corners and other obstacles to conform to your project needs
    • Using EZflow recycled polystyrene aggregate prevents millions of pounds of waste from filling landfills
    • EZflow drainage products are reliable, which means fewer call backs

  • 7bundle7" bundles with or without a 3" pipe.

  • 10bundle10" bundles with or without a 4" pipe. Available in center or bottom pipe location options.

  • 15bundle15" bundles with or without a 6" pipe. Available in center or bottom pipe location options.