Public Health and Safety

Protecting public health and the environment are the main priorities when it comes to onsite wastewater recycling. Dangerous bacteria, microbes and pathogens must be completely removed from wastewater before it re-enters the groundwater. Infiltrator products are scientifically designed to provide more efficient wastewater treatment by optimizing the soil's inherent treatment capabilities.

Onsite systems provide a passive reliable means of wastewater treatment at a relatively low cost, while preserving environmental quality. As the population density increases, regulators and public health officials responsible for water quality have emphasized the need for regulations based on sound science and real performance.

Infiltrator sponsors and participates in a variety of programs, including field training, continuing education for installers and curriculum support for onsite system design studies. The experts on our technical staff, along with our regional representatives, exchange information and seek solutions that promote better science, improved system performance and groundwater quality.