About Champion

ChampionRecycleLocated in Winchester, Kentucky, Champion is a complete recycling network for efficient plastic processing. Every day, we purchase 150 tons of plastic resin to meet the manufacturing needs of our drainage chambers for septic and stormwater demands. In 2018, Champion was ranked 22nd in North America for top recyclers by Plastic News. Ranking is based on annual volume of material reprocessed.

Our use of recycled plastic materials goes directly into our products instead of a landfill. Everyday we purchase and process post-consumer and post-industrial plastics to manufacture our products, putting over 150 million pounds of recycled plastics to better, environmentally-friendly use every year. In addition to our use of recycled plastics, we take better care of the environment by offering an alternative product to crushed stone. The use of our chambers in septic drain fields alone replaces 3 million tons of mined aggregate annually.

Organization Members:
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— Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA)
— Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA)
— Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE)


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